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2019. The Year of the Vegan + Our NEW Vegan Starter Kit!

There’s a reason this year is being called The Year of the Vegan! More people than ever are reducing animal products, going vegan or trying Veganuary. And we have the perfect box for this – Our Vegan Starter Kit, full of all the cooking essentials (and a tasty treat) we wish we had in our cupboards when we went vegan. Perfect to buy for yourself, or that gift for a friend trying Veganuary.

We’re seeing record numbers of people sign up to Veganuary (last Sunday 14,000 people made the pledge) and many more people have been reducing their animal product intake throughout the last year and beyond. It has been so exciting to see so much amazing vegan food appear in 2018 (lots of eating was done by Louise and Vanessa in 2018!).

When Louise and I went vegan, there were lots of items that would pop up in recipes that we’d never heard of. Like Nutritional Yeast, Linseed Egg and Silken Tofu. And we didn’t know the wonders and joys of Liquid Smoke which can give an oaky, smokey, BBQ taste to anything you put it in…. Mmmmmm BBQ smokey taste…. Yum……. Now, if you’re a seasoned vegan (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!), these will be like your best friends. But if you’re starting out on your journey, you probably won’t have heard of them, know where to get them, and especially what to do with them. We found there was a selection of food ingredients for your kitchen cupboard, or your Vegan Larder(!) which many people were missing and felt unfamiliar with. We’ve got them all covered so you’re totally stocked up and ready to cook exciting tasty vegan food. We also have a great selection of basic recipes to help you get in to action, including tofu which tastes like bacon and simple but delicious scrambled tofu.

Tofu Scramble with tomatoes

Other amazing cooking items included in our Starter Kit are Smoked Paprika, which we love for that strong outdoorsy flavour to lift any dish, and White Miso Paste for that incredible umami taste (one of the key 5 tastes needed to feel satisfied) which is perfect in soups and stews.

We’ve included a couple of tasty convenient treats to help you on your way; our Vegan Larder Shop best seller Patifu Pate, which tastes amazing with crackers or sourdough toast. And we couldn’t resist including one of our favourites, the Vego Chocolate bar, made with hazelnut paste and which tastes like a fully indulgent milky treat.

This box will be perfect whether you’re a new vegan, trying vegan, reducing your animal product intake, or just want to cook tastier and more exciting food. 2019, The Year of The Vegan, will be an amazing year of delicious cooking and eating at The Vegan Larder, and we’re so excited for you to join us.

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