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Crispy Tofu Recipe Round Up! (How to Tofu Series)

I know tofu can be a bit scary, however, with my tofu series, I hope to introduce you to the wonderful world of tofu, and how delicious it can be in so many different recipes.  In my previous post I wrote about just how easy it is to create a flavourful, crispy textured tofu. It really is the easiest way to start loving the ‘fu. 
The trick to getting a lovely crispy tofu is to press a firm tofu so that all the liquid comes out. Then you can add in lots of other flavours. See my previous post for an easy how-to! 
But don’t just take my word for it, there are so many wonderful flavours you can add to tofu to make it taste amazing, and in turn a huge variety of dishes you can add yummy, crispy, flavourful tofu to.  So here are some amazing bloggy type people to show you just how versatile and amazing crispy tofu can be. 

First up- Tofu with Asian Flavours baked right in, then tossed with Brussel Sprouts that’s even better than take-out by Mary Ellen at V Nutrition & Wellness

Next: A completely new ( and totally innovative)  take on Burritos, with Kimchi & Tofu flavoured with  Peanut Lime Sauce by Tara at What the Heck to I eat Now!  


Third up: A twist on an Italian Sandwich by Sina at Vegan Heaven. Instead of Chartucerie, smoked tofu has been crisped up and added to a grilled veggie and pesto layered sammie. So yummy! 

Number 4: Yet another sandwich, but this time Slider Style, with Kimchi slaw and sticky tofu for the filling by Ginnie at Hello Little Home.

For Number 5 we take a look at how amazing Crispy Tofu can be in a Stir Fry. This recipe has an orange and ginger glaze, served with broccoli by Alissa at Connoisseurus Veg. That flavour combo! 

Finally a lovely super crunchy coating has been added to marinate tofu by Richa at Vegan Richa. This is bound to tempt even the most ardent Tofu Sceptic!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite way to eat crispy tofu is. And don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter so you don’t miss out on the whole ‘fu series! 

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