Farewell Poppy and the Bees, Hello The Vegan Larder!

The new year is a time for new beginnings and saying farewell to which we must leave behind. For saying thank you to what has helped get to the place where you are today, and for looking forward to what will come. Therefore, I want to thank everyone for loving Poppy and the Bees over the past few years. I’ve had great fun creating recipes and learning new skills and of course eating the yummy food. 

However, time moves on and I had started to feel that my darling little cat and my beloved bees were not the best advocates for the vegan life and at the end of last year I decided I wanted to create more than just a blog from my newly acquired skills. And I thought maybe a more focused business could be created, still with an emphasis on recipes and food.

Then, I met Vanessa through mutual friends, who was also looking at ideas of how to start a vegan business. After chatting, cooking together and hanging out at a vegan festival (kind of like dating but we were sussing out if we were business compatible!) The Vegan Larder idea was born!

There is much to do, and we have some exciting ideas, both short term long term too!

We’re aiming to start our monthly vegan subscription box business by February, and we are hoping that this will be something that will be exciting for lots of you, whether vegan, or just excited to try new delicious things!

Most importantly, what will be in these boxes ?

Well.. we are hunting high and low for new, innovative and ethical producers of amazingly tasty vegan foods and natural kind cosmetic products. It will be different every month, with a mixture of snacks, new pantry items to make vegan food taste AMAZING – and possibly the odd beauty or household product. 

But wait.. we’re doing much more than that too…

We have already started consulting for cafes, restaurants and caterers under our ‘professional’ name of V&L’s Kitchen...to help them create great vegan friendly menus and  help them source incredible tasting vegan products.  (ok, so we have just a few on our books but it’s a start, which we think is not bad for only deciding to work together in December!!) 

You can also expect LOADS more recipes on here than I was able to do on my own (there are two of us, both with lots of ideas AND we love to collaborate!)

Want to help us?? If you know of a business who is veg curious or even if you wish that your fave local would offer something more than a standard salad, let us know who and where they are, and lets connect to see if we can be of assistance (YES this was TOTALLY a plug to help us grow our business!! But hey ,we have to ask.. because WHO KNOWS who you know.. you know?!) 

So…..We bid a loving farewell to Poppy and the Bees…

And a welcoming Hello to Vanessa and the The Vegan Larder.

(BTW, Poppy is currently sitting my feet, and has absolutely no remorse about waking me up in the middle of the night by scampering up and down the stairs, howling at – well best not ask what it was!  She will still feature occasionally on Insta.  So give us a follow- @vegan_larder ) 



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