Giant Beans! This is not a fairytale.

Giant Beans on the vine - Gigantes Giant Green Beans (Greek Gigantes) dried and podded

The Gardener built a lovely new bean & pea trellis this year, and to say it has been a success has been (haha) an understatement.

We grew a ridiculous amount of peas, we had runner beans.. errr. running out our ears and we decided to try our hand at growing a type of giant bean grown in Greece called Gigante. Normally you will find this kind of bean at a mezze, cooked in a tomato sauce.

I’m yet to cook these as we have SO many other veg right now that I think I’ll slow cook them once the weather cools and our glut of courgettes, runner beans & leeks slows down. So no recipe just yet..

What I can tell you is that these need to be left on the vine as long as possible, so that their pods swell fatly and then start to dry up & turn yellow. We removed some when I got nervous about bad weather & lost them to mould as we didn’t give them enough drying space.

Fortunately, after that little lesson, the weather heated up again & we have had a second crop.. that is still going! When we remove them, we let them dry in a big wicker basket, ruffling our hands through them every day so that none get stuck at the bottom. This has been place on a sunny windowsill or outside when we remember to further help dry them out.

Now that they are completely dried, rattling around in their pods, I’ve just popped them out of their shells. I’m going to leave them out to ensure they are completely dry- then store in jars- ready to be re-hydrated later in the year for a stew or maybe even the traditional Greek dish of γίγαντες πλακί  (Gigantes Plaki).

It was tempting to sneak more puns into this post.. but I won’t.

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