Greens & Grains Cheaty Bowl

Greens from our Garden


Sometimes cooking completely from scratch just isn’t possible. You’re tired, you’re hangry (hungry + angry) & you want something tasty & wholesome SOON! QUICKLY!  before you just scoff crisps & cheese & then feel horrible for the rest of the evening.

That’s where these quite genius pre-cooked packs of wholesome grains & bits come in. I’ve also used pre-packs of mixed legumes/ grain combos recently, all also delicious. (Obviously, if you are a super organised type person, you might have pre-cooked, home made grains & legumes already stashed in your freezer.- for the rest of us however…)

This time I made this with spinach & mustard greens (I’m obsessed with these at the moment- so delicious!) picked from our garden, but I dare-say this would work equally well with any kind of fairly substantial green leafy veg- kale for example.

This dish is really quick to make- there is only a light bit of chopping and stirring …You do need to let all the juices cook into the grains a bit- they absorb all the flavours & make this dish more delicious and more-ish to eat. All in all you should be able to get this on the table in 20 mins. And not a crisp in sight.

You Need:

  1. 1 pack of grains/rice/quinoa
  2. 3 garlic cloves- chopped finely
  3. 8-10 cherry tomatoes
  4. glug of olive oil
  5. sprig thyme
  6. 1/2  a fresh chilli if you like a kick
  7. 1 tsp marigold stock powder
  8. good pinch mild chilli powder
  9. 1/2 tsp oregano
  10. bunch of spinach/mustard greens – remove the hard inner stalks & chop into rough ribbons
  11. glug of white wine or mirin
  12. salt & pepper to taste
  13. Juice of half a lemon

To Make:

  • Pop the tomatoes (no need to chop) garlic & chilli along with the olive oil into a large saucepan or wok that you have a lid for & let soften
  • Add the herbs & spices & stir a bit. The tomatoes should be starting to break down.
  • Add in the glug of wine & marigold stock
  • Add the greens & stir a bit until they start to wilt
  • Add in the grain packet & stir it all about a bit, breaking up the tomatoes with the back of the wooden spoon so you release their juices
  • Clamp on the lid & let everything get to know each other a bit, about 5 mins. The grains need to absorb some of the liquid- this makes them tastier!
  • Add in the lemon juice- & taste.
  • If the grains are still a bit chewy & bland, put the lid back on & let cook a little more.
  • Add salt & pepper to taste & serve hot!


The Greens & Grain Bowl.

Greens & Grain Bowl


The empty grain packet… Waitrose do a good own-brand version too…


Grain Packet





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