Greens; its’ not just about Kale.

Spinach Chard & Dragons Tongue

I love kale, but, as we aren’t growing it (yet), I’m not cooking it (yet). We have so many other leafy greens right now in the garden it would seem a waste to go & buy more. Especially as the ones in my garden are so deliciously fresh & tasty.

In the picture above on the left is a type of chard called ‘Spinach Chard’ or Perpetual Spinach. It’s a soft leafed & thin-stalked chard that tastes- you guessed it.. like spinach! And you cook it just like spinach! Fancy that. Its’ delicious creamed in the French style, with a hint of cream blended in & a very tiny grating of nutmeg to bring out the earthy tones. Its’ also wonderful in omelettes, tarts, as part of a pasta sauce- anywhere you would use spinach.

The serrated, purple leaf in the picture above on the right is a type of mustard green called Dragon’s Tongue. This has a really punchy mustardy tang to it which I love. This is the first time I’ve grown this, & I think it might be my new go-to leaf for Autumn & early winter. I’ll let you know how it over-winters here. I’ve so far eaten the young leaves tossed in salads & wilted the older ones with a little olive oil, minced garlic & white wine. Delicious.

Here is Poppy helping me choose the salad leaves *helpful Poppy*

Poppy helping choose salad


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