Hemp Touch. Skin Care Review

Despite working in the Beauty Industry, I’m not a beauty blogger. Actually, scrap that.

Because I work in the Beauty Industry I’m not a beauty blogger.

This doesn’t mean I’m not interested in what’s out there in the world of fashion and pretty colours.. au contraire! I do it every day! It just means I like to break it up, and to pursue my free time mostly with vegan food, gardening and the odd wine review .

However, once in a while, a company makes me sit up and take notice. A company that is so aligned with what I do, both spare time and professionally that I just have to share it with you.

This time, the company is HempTouch. I was put in contact with them by a friend of a friend who works with them, who thought I might like their products.

And I’m very very glad they did, as the products I’ve been trialling have turned out to be new favourites, not only that,  The Gardener is also enamoured with them!

I think one of the nicest things about the company is that not only are their products 100% vegan, they grow all their own hemp & then extract the oils to create their creams, washes and lotions, all which have  different formulations designed to target different problems. 

I have ridiculously dry and sensitive skin, and have found the Nurturing Face Cream very soothing. It also crucially works well under foundation, with no weird flaking.

Our favourite product that we have tried has to be the Ointment for Irritated Skin. The Gardener sometimes suffers with what I refer to as ‘stressma’ – Aka- flaky patches on his skin that are brought on by stress. This ointment has been invaluable in instantly soothing the irritated areas, and he says is a huge improvement on any standard ointments he’s been prescribed or has bought over the counter, soothing them for longer & reducing the inflammation & flakiness. 

I’ve also loved the ointment- in particular on the frayed edges of my nose after a particularly nasty summer cold, and on my poor battered gardeners cuticles. 

The other product we tried is the Gentle Shampoo & Shower Gel. I’d say that this actually better used as a face wash or even a bath or wash for babies and those with very sensitive skin as it is SO gentle. I mean this in a good way, in fact it has replaced my regular face wash, rather than be a new body wash. 

Intrigued?? Well- you can buy their goodies online at : HempTouch 

For all my UK readers- you can also buy HempTouch at Planet Organic.  

OR you could enter this little competition I’m holding with HempTouch to win a hamper of goodies here…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! 


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