Vegan Halloween Round Up

Huge Halloween Round Up! 24 Vegan Recipes!

We don’t know what it is about Halloween that makes us want to play with our food and make all kinds of funny, spooky, scary- delicious creations.

It seems we’re not the only ones who feels this way, as when we asked around some blogger friends what they like to make for Halloween, we were inundated with all kinds of boo-licious treats.

So to be super helpful we have created this HUGE Halloween Party Food Round up! (24 Recipes! WHooooooooooooo!) 

From snacky canapes that are perfect for handing around and soaking up the booze at a party, through to kid friendly sweet treats that are cute and not too sugar laden and all kinds of cakes and more substantial spooky themed dishes, we have every kind of Halloween event you might be catering for covered!

Creepy Canapes & Appalling Appetizers

Whether you are hosting or a guest, these savoury snacks will help you with the all night spooky (and boozy) activities.

Spooky sushi you say?  Why not!


Spooky Sushi

Our pumpkin hummus isn’t scary, but it is a great way to use up some pumpkin and get the party started.


Little vegan pizzas are perfect for handing around


These made us laugh. Then want to eat them.


Vegan Yack Attack Mushroom Eyeballs for HalloweenYou can never have too many pizzas, and these are spooky yet cute & super easy to make.


Scary Witchy Fingers to snack on! 


Falafel Fingers


Monster Munching Meals

Trick or Treating and endless rounds of dressing up as witches and ghouls needs some fuel. These slightly more substantial meals and snacks will power up your ghost busting abilities!

We just adore these little ghosties made of mash!


Mash Potato Ghosts by Cadrys Kitchen

This bowl is perfect for powering you through all the trick or treating you’re going to have to do.


Toast that monsters can eat. Or is that monsters on toast?


Sometimes you need salad. Especially after a binge on treats and sweets.


Do you dare to dig in to this pot pie?


Halloween Skull Pot Pies

Jack o’Lantern risotto balls full of oeeey gooey cheesy squash..


Jack O' Lantern Risotto Balls showing their insides

Kooky Spooky Cakes

Now we know Halloween is all about the sweets and candy, but it seems to be also all about who can outdo each other with crazy cake recipes too! Take a look at some of these!

Spooky AND Gluten free.. what more could you want?!


These aren’t spooky, but they do have the other fall favourite, pumpkin, and look delicious!


These raspberry filled pies are in the shape of mummies. So spooktackular!


Raspberry Mummy Shaped Hand Pies

No garlic here- just sweet little nibbles of cake!


We love these little dark as the spookiest of nights black coffins with their pumpkin cake filling.


Coffin Cakes with a cute little cat thing

Fangtastic Fruity Treats

Sometimes you need to disguise some healthy fruit in with all the goo.. these fruity snacks are just perfect.

Peanut butter and apples is a classic, but here they are made spooky-cute.


Chocolate & bananas are cute and colourful!


Snow White might have bitten into one of these caramel covered apples!


Black Toffee Apples 'Poison'

Dark & Seductive Sweets

Some of these treats are very much more to the grown up taste buds *hooray!* but there are some still great options for the kids, big & small too!

Pumpkin Spice is always nice, especially when paired with chocolate!


Super easy with a gooey core…


Dark CHocolate Raspberry Cups for HAlloween

Allergy friendly butter cups! What’s not to love (and eat excessively!)


Cute Rice Crispy treats are given the Mummy treatment!



We love this time of year! Let us know what you make for your Halloween Party!

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