No Meat May- Re thinking our dependence on meat.

It’s MAY- which means it’s time for No Meat May! 

My lovely friend Ryan has set up a challenge called No Meat May.  He’s challenging everyone to try and live meat free for a month. Get people to sponser you &  donate to one of the fabulous charities he’s fundraising for and go meat free for a month. I guarantee you will be surprised at the delicious dishes you will make/cook/eat and you might just fall in love with vegetables. 

I’m a paid up vegetarian, and have been for years. I have to admit, it’s not hard for me to not eat meat, I’m just not a fan. I also love love LOVE vegetables (in case you hadn’t guessed). 

The livestock industry contributes 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions- this is more than all cars, planes, trains and ships combined. Lessening our demand for meat & associated products such as dairy has the potential to decrease our carbon emisions more than any power or fuel alternative. But we just don’t talk about this enough. 

I do really believe that rather than viewing meat as a main source of food, we should be reframing our idea of consumption, and if you do choose to eat meat- make it a treat. And of course if you do choose to eat it occassionaly,  ensure that the meat you consume has been treated well, comes from sustainable sources and is local. We don’t need to eat as much – or indeed any- to function & thrive. Protein is easy to obtain, it’s a bit of a myth that it’s only obtainable via meat. Pulses, tofu, nuts, quinoa and mushrooms are all brilliant sources of protein, plus there is evidence to suggest that getting protein from vegetable sources is better for all kinds of health reasons. For a really comprehensive breakdown & references- check out this page on No Meat May.

There are a few ways to get involved even if you already a vegetarian or vegan. Pass on the word. Take a #vegelfie and post it (see below for my effort!) on all your social networks, challenging your friends to do the same. Get the word out & get cooking! – Go take a look at the No Meat May site for loads more information. 

Go on. Get involved. Vegetables are DELICIOUS! 

#Vegelfie Me with Asparagus on my head


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