Our Spring and Summer Vegetable Garden plan 2015


A few weeks ago we sat down and plotted out which of our spring and summer crops would go where.  In order to prevent disease and pests, it’s really advisable to rotate crops each year- so making a plan really helps to ensure we don’t get over excited when sowing and accidently double up year on year.

A plan also helps us with seed buying. We tried to save some seed from last years crops, although I seem to have just saved flower seeds… plus have some left over but I ended up needing to purchase quite a few.  I’m hoping to get better at seed saving in the future- which is better for our wallets, but also better to help keep heirloom and unsual vegetable varieties around

I’m going to list the seeds we’re planning to sow- then will ( hopefully) comment on each once we find out how they grow, what they taste like & if we encountered any glitches on the way – like blight or bugs, & how we dealt with the problem.

What we are going to plant:

NB: * means we purchased the seed this year


  • Jen’s Tangerine Cherry Vine from The Real Seed Catalogue*
  • Legend Bush from The Real Seed Catalogue*
  • Chocolate Cherry from The Real Seed Catalogue*
  • Gardeners Delight (Irish Version) Cherry Vine from The Real Seed Catalogue*
  • Urbikany Russian Tall Bush Tomato from The Real Seed Catalogue


  • Dedo de Mocha’ – Sweet Aji from The Real Seed Catalogue*
  • N.Napia Pointy Sweet Pepper from The Real Seed Catalogue*
  • Orange Bell Sweet Pepper from The Real Seed Catalogue*


  • Gigante di Napoli Flat Parsley from The Real Seed Catalogue *
  • Finissimo Basil from The Real Seed Catalogue *
  • Frise Vert Fonce Curly Parsley from The Real Seed Catalogue *
  • Dutch Mammoth Dill from The Real Seed Catalogue *
  • Leaf Selection Coriander from The Real Seed Catalogue *
  • Latah Very Early Red from The Real Seed Catalogue *


  • Blue Banana Winter Squash from The Real Seed Catalogue


  • Chantenay Red Cored Mr Fothergills from a freebie with a magazine


  • Mirella Salad Cucumber from The Real Seed Catalogue


  • Locoto Chilli- Seeds saved from last year- plus we have 2 plants we are nursing through the winter to see if they survive.


  • Verde di Milano – Dwarf Bush Courgette


  • Little Gem -Mr Fothergills from a freebie with a magazine
  • Flashy Butter Oak- Bi-colour Oakleaf lettuce from The Real Seed Catalogue
  • Red Iceberg Lettuce from The Real Seed Catalogue
  • Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce from The Real Seed Catalogue


  • TBC!


  • TBC!


  • We used leek seeds on a tape last year so will get the same again- TBC which variety.


  • Runner Beans -Need to get these still!
  • Cherokee Trail of Tears Climbing French Beans from The Real Seed Catalogue


  • de Barbentane from The Real Seed Catalogue


  • Sanguina from The Real Seed Catalogue


  • Champion of England Tall Climbing Pea from The Real Seed Catalogue


  • Colossale from The Real Seed Catalogue*


  • ‘Giant Prague’ from The Real Seed Catalogue *


  • Dwarf Green Curled -Mr Fothergills from a freebie with a magazine


  • TBC!

Let me know in the comments if you have a fave veg variety you think we should try!

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    February 1, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    Sounds ambitious and wonderful! Yes, a written plan is so important for me as I can never really remember what I did before.

    • Reply
      February 1, 2015 at 5:57 pm

      I’m really hoping I’ll be disciplined enough to write up notes on what has worked and what hasn’t! Watch this space.

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