Choconette Caramel & Chocolate Spread


Choconette is the first organic, oil-free vegan chocolate spread that you mix yourself. (psssst- it’s 100% palm oil free too!)

Created in France, you can mix just as much as you need & spread it on all kinds of breads or use it as an ingredient!

We like to make it up in small batches to keep on hand to spread onto crumpets, or to use as a decadent addition to banana bread.


Choconette Caramel & Chocolate Spread


  • dried nuts (almonds & hazelnuts)
  • Rice Milk Chocolate (Cane sugar, Cocoa, Rice Syrup, cocoa mass, sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla)
  • coconut sugar
  • natural caramel flavour

Totally vegan and Palm Oil Free!

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