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  • Summer Potato, Pea & Dill Salad | The Vegan Larder Pinned: 8 Aug 2020
  • Lentils are brilliant little legumes. High in protein, folate and iron as well as having high levels of slowly digested starch (giving them a low glycemic index), these little powerhouses are not only nutritionally beneficial, but are really, really delicious too. Fortunately, we can show you a few simple steps to build your own vegan Mediterranean Lentil Bowl! Pinned: 8 Aug 2020
  • Yummy crispy tofu that has been marinated in tasty black bean sauce. Served over lots of colourful veggies and noodles. Easy and quick vegan recipe! #vegan #vegan dinner #vegan lunch #vegetarian #tofu #noodle Pinned: 8 Aug 2020
  • I've created the Ultimate Vegan Blackbean & Mushroom Seitan Burger!! What makes it SO good? Well, it's still a vegan burger, but with a meaty twist. The black beans & mushrooms provide deep umami flavour & a great vegan bean texture, while the seitan adds a bounce and meaty style texture that really satisfies carnivores & vegans alike. Make sure you try this vegan burger recipe for your next BBQ or cookout. It's so delicious and everyone will love it. #veganburger #vegan #veganrecipe Pinned: 8 Aug 2020
  • This one-skillet vegan tempeh potato hash is the perfect dish for brunches or meal prep. It's a filling, healthy, and easy breakfast recipe! #veganrecipes #oneskillet #mealprep #veganbreakfast Pinned: 8 Aug 2020
  • This is a vegan spin on my Mom’s semi-famous, ‘non-vegan’ mashed potatoes. Normally they were so rich and decadent with margarine, sour cream and cheese we never used gravy in our house. But I wanted to create a healthier version for our family at holidays and this is what I came up with. I hope your family enjoys it too! #garlic #mashed #potatoes #mushrooms #vegan #recipes Pinned: 8 Aug 2020
  • Best Vegan Mashed Potatoes (Healthy Vegan Recipes) Pinned: 8 Aug 2020
  • These vegan breakfast burritos are loaded with roasted potatoes, avocado, mushrooms, and peppers. They are great for a healthy protein-packed breakfast or brunch! Furthermore, they are easy to make with simple ingredients. Are you tired of eating oatmeal for breakfast? Then try these plant-based savory breakfast burritos! #veganburitos #breakfastburritos #healthyburritos #elasrecipes | elavegan.com Pinned: 8 Aug 2020
  • Delicious 'meaty' balls made with tofu Pinned: 8 Aug 2020
  • This is our favourite summer pasta! Easy to make vegan recipe that is full of courgette (zucchini) and tomatoes. It comes together in less than half an hour and is made with simple ingredients. #vegan #zucchini #courgette #pasta #tomatoes Pinned: 8 Aug 2020