Don’t worry, Poppy is still Poppy cat and we are still the Bees caretaker, however it was time to move my little blog on to another phase. 

As time went on, I realised that Poppy isn’t the greatest advocate for vegan living, after all, she’s a murderous little cat who’s favourite thing is to sit at the window dreaming of when she can fly & catch all those cheeky birds that taunt her. 

And the bees- well, we are still their caretakers. They live happily at the bottom of our garden, where we monitor them, feed them if we’re nervous they’re running out of stores and help manage their swarming so they don’t end up in a tragic tale of a swarm that gets destroyed by uncaring or fearful public. I will continue to lobby on their and all things that fly, crawl and wriggle’s behalf .

When you start looking after a colony of bees, you soon begin to realise that you are part of a much bigger plan. Their colony thrives and diminishes not only by your care, but the care of the surrounding environment. This goes double for native bees and other pollinators, who by default we help out by understanding more about our bee charges. If our bees are bothered or in trouble because of disease, crop spraying or other pesticide use, you can be absolutely sure that the native wild species are in even worse shape.

I love these creatures, keeping them safe, keeping them happy, keeping our neighbours informed about how their pesticide use effects them and therefore the rest of the local bug communities is not only satisfying, it directly helps the health of our surrounds. Which is surely the best thing I can do for our planet on a local scale.

I love bees. We need them, and they need us..