The Garden

‘Helpful Poppy’


I live in a little village just outside London with.. The Gardener- also known as Mr T. We have a beautiful garden, landscaped by Mr T, looking over a deer park.

We have a substantial vege patch, as well as a pretty outlook. I’m a fairly new gardener,  and an enthusiastic vegetarian cook. I’ve been having all kinds of fun planting all the vegetables that I have ever wanted to eat. This has met with varying success. Some things have been very delicious. Others.. not so much.

It gives me so much joy to cook with vegetables that I have just picked, and even more joy to feed others with them. Having such a large garden is a bit of  a dream come true & I feel incredibly lucky..  Even when I had much smaller gardens- and balconies in London & Sydney, I always made sure that I had a few herbs in pots, they make cooking so much more interesting.

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