Veg FEst Bristol Food Haul

The Vegan Larder goes to Vegfest!

It’s Bristol Vegfest next weekend so we’re looking back at our first Vegan Larder road trip to the Brighton Vegfest, as well as getting excited about our Bristol trip. (yay!)

Our trip to Brighton Vegfest was Vegan Larder’s first road trip! We were super excited for our first weekend away since we joined forces and created the Vegan Larder .The prospect of getting to try tons of food from new suppliers (and our some of known favourites), as well as discovering new food in the city, just made our mouths water all the way down on the train.


Brighton is somewhat of a vegan haven, so even just walking down to the venue, it was so amazing to the see the word ‘vegan’ in so many cafes – we were definitely eyeing up what we could eat for dinner later, or what cake we could have with our coffee the next morning.

I always feel so positive and energetic at these big events – meeting inspiring people, catching up with old and new friends and sampling the most incredible food on the market from talented entrepreneurs. I say sampling – we ate ‘til we dropped!

The most exciting bit for me – THE CAKE and CHOCOLATE! This is my area, Louise is more aloof around cake, instead trying all the vegan cheeses, but I cannot hold back. There were too many for me to list all of them, but I’ll tell you about some of the most memorable ones. My friend, Elspeth of Elspeth’s Kitchen and Norty Puds was a real highlight. Elspeth produces the most delectable raw cake, which not only looks beautiful, but tastes delicious and naughty. But for me, it’s the love and care that’s put into these incredible puds that just keeps me coming back. A cake and a hug from Elspeth made my Sunday.

Cakes from Elspeth's Kitchen


I also loved My Little Gluten Free Kitchen, where Anna puts on her gorgeous gluten-free selection. Super moist passion-fruit cake went down a treat and we’re desperate now to try and replicate some her wonderful small bread loaves with spinach and vegan cheese.

My Little Gluten Free Bakery yums

And had to give a shout out to the funnest chocolate provider – Alison at Mococu, who provides edible vegan body paint for anyone wanting some creative vegan bedroom fun! She even includes satin blindfolds….(so sexy!) 

Some old faces to say hello to included the inspiring activist Earthling Ed, encouraging yet more people to stand up for animals, and my friend Helen Wright, who got her first speaking engagement to talk about her experience running vegan fairs in Surrey. We bumped into Jay Brave too (the Vegfest X-Factor contestant and talented rap artist), and had some fun making videos of our day. We also love suppliers like Ellie from Kinda Co cheese (Louise’s fave cheese!!) and Andrew from Zim’s Tribe African cooking sauces – ridiculously tasty products and big hearted people.

Vegfest is going from strength to strength, and growing quickly, just like the plant based world! Last year’s Bristol Vegfest was meant to be the last due to venue issues, but thankfully it is back with a vengeance in a much bigger venue!  Perfect to hold all those plant based foodies who’ll be flocking to the city. We’re really looking forward to eating loads more foody treats, new product discoveries and old and new friends to see in Bristol.
If it’s anything like the Brighton Vegfest, we know it’ll be an awesome weekend.

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