Trusty Tomato Compote

Tomato CompoteThis is a mish-mash idea of a recipe, but has proved to be one of my stand by recipes- especially when our green house/vege patch is overflowing with tomatoes and we just can’t stand to eat  yet ANOTHER salad.. or the weather turns, or in this last incarnation, we had a whole lot of tomatoes that were almost ripe, but had to strip the vines due to an onset of blight.

These tomatoes I left to ripen on a windowsill- but they just were not very delicious uncooked. So- my trusty tomato compote came in handy again.

Tomatoes in a tray ready to make into compote

You need:

  • A baking tray of tomatoes (I’ve made smaller amounts in pie tin) The tomatoes want to fill the tray in a single layer. Use any type- I cut larger ones into quarters, and leave cherry tomatoes whole.
  • garlic ( for one tray I use around 5 cloves) Smash them but don’t cut finely
  • herbs – thyme and rosemary work -well a couple of sprigs … A teaspoon of dried oregano sometimes makes its way in..
  • a small chilli ..if you like chilli
  • salt & pepper
  • a good glug of olive oil

To make:

  1. Pre-heat the oven to around 180-200.. you want the oven medium to hot (gas mark 8?) I have a gas oven.. but tend to do this when I have other bits in too so this is a guess
  2. Tumble all ingredients into the tray, making sure they are all slicked with olive oil.
  3. Put in the oven- check after around 15 mins & turn over.
  4. You want the tomatoes to slightly char then the juices to reduce & caramelise. I turn the oven down so that these babies slow cook after the initial blast.
  5. DON’T FORGET THEY ARE IN THERE! (trust me- cleaning up cremated tomatoes is not fun)
  6. Keep the compote in the fridge in a sealed container. They’ll keep for a week or even 2!

The compote tastes great as a pasta sauce, as a topping on potatoes, use as a fancy spread with cheese for lunch, add it into a sandwich, bake an egg into it in little ramekins…

Here it is used with courgette ribbons used as ‘pasta’  – I love this- it isn’t a new idea, but with the compote tastes amazing.

Courgette with tomato compote


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  • Reply
    Ema Jones
    September 19, 2014 at 4:54 am

    Yummy Compote! I’m adding some garlic salt instead of garlic cloves, hope it’s fine, as I don’t wanna use garlic here directly…

    • Reply
      September 21, 2014 at 9:08 pm

      Good idea! I don’t really use garlic salt (I’d sort of forgotten about it) but I do just kind of squish whole cloves then fish them out later to infuse the flavour. If i’m using as a pasta sauce I add them back in, but squished more, garlic cloves take on such a sweet flavour when roasted. Yum!

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