V & L Kitchen Consultancy

V&L Kitchen is the professional side to The Vegan Larder. Created to help restaurants, cafes and caterers with innovative, bespoke and beautiful plant-based options to put them ahead of the plant-based and reducatarian trend. 

V&L Kitchen is a partnership of plant-based food specialists and recipe developers; Vanessa Sturman and Louise Claire-Cayzer. We work with small cafes, large restaurants, caterers & food stores to bring the best plant-based options to consumers, as well as having extensive knowledge of whole food and health-based trends. As we’re also the force behind the The Vegan Larder, we’re continually creating new plant-based dishes and experimenting with new delicious recipes. 

How we help businesses.. 

Bespoke menu design

Ranging from helping with a few delicious and enticing options to spread across the menu, to full menu transformation. All while retaining the customers and unique style of the businesses we help.

Workshop new menu ideas with chefs

We help them discover the tricks and tips of how to make great tasting and exciting plant-based food. 

Professionally photograph the gorgeous new plant based food that can be used to show off on social media and gain more attention for the business.

Suggest excellent suppliers of high quality plant-based food

to serve as part of your menu offering or as stock to sell to consumers. From vegan pantry essentials to specialist cakes – we can even tell you the best tofu to use for what you want to make!

Why are we doing this? 

The plant-based movement is the fastest growing lifestyle movement in the UK, for reasons ranging from health, ethics and the environment, as well as consumers always chasing new trends and products. This has created a surge in demand for high quality, delicious, interesting, plant-based food which is growing exponentially.

Many consumers are demanding more from plant-based options and are opting to spend portions of their week plant-based. We want to help businesses take advantage of this trend, keep current customers, and acquire new ones.

Our depth and breadth of experience with plant-based food, plus our immersion and strong business relationships in the plant-based and supplier community, makes us unique in being able to deliver this specialist work. 

Get in contact with us for more information, to ask for a quote or to suggest your favourite food business that we might be able to help!

Louise at theveganlarder.com

Vanessa at theveganlarder.com