Chestnut, Mushroom & Squash

Filo Pastry Olive OIl Cranberries Chestnuts Sauteed Mushrooms Kale Pesto Roasted Butternut Squash


Prepare the wreath shape with a ramekin or glass in a round baking tin.  Cut the filo pastry into triangles. 

Step 1

Lay out the pastry layers brush olive oil between them.  This forms the pie base.

Step 2

Spoon in the  kale pesto to form the  bottom layer of the pie. 

Step 3

Add the cooked garlic mushrooms in a layer  over the kale pesto. 

Step 4

Add the fresh or frozen cranberries. Sprinkle a few over for pops of flavour. 

Step 5

Now add a layer of roasted butternut squash. 

Step 6

Sprinkle over cooked chestnuts.  

Step 8

Fold the tips and bases of the  pastry triangles back over the pie filling

Step 9

Scrunch some leftover scraps of filo over the top, filling in any gaps.  This forms the pretty ruffled top of the pie. Brush with olive oil and bake! 

Step 10

Remove from the oven Take out of the tin and decorate with some rosemary and more cranberries. 

Step 12

Serve with roast potatoes, gravy and all the trimmings!  Click the link below for the full recipe! 

 To Serve