June Vegan Larder Box 2018

What’s in our JUNE box?!  

Our Vegan Larder June box is so exciting! Packed full of yummy treats and easy, tasty ingredients to help you get in the kitchen and cooking up a storm!

Isle of Olive – Organic Kalamon Table Olives In Organic Extra virgin Olive Oil  £5.00

Supplier: Isle of Olive, run and owned by Gregoris and Paulina is a haven just off Broadway Market in London. Working directly with independent producers, agricultural cooperatives and passionate artisans, they source only the finest, authentic food products and ingredients, with a focus on knowledge, traceability and respect for the environment. With a huge vegan range, this is a perfect place to grab beautiful products or have lunch.

Product: These organic olives are sun ripened and individually hand picked. The color of each olive varies from black to purple / brown, depending on their exposure to the sun while on the tree, with olives on upper western branches getting the darkest color. Ideal for salads, finger-food, sandwiches, or to accompany summer drinks. You can also use the olive oil they’re preserved in!


Pacari Chocolate – Organic Chocolate Covered Golden Berries  £3.89

Supplier: Pacari is a family-owned Ecuadorian company. It’s mission: to produce the highest quality organic chocolate in the world in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. Pacari means nature in Quechua, an Andean indigenous language; and that’s what they’re about, making the most of nature’s ingredients and protecting and defending her.

Product: These delicate covered pieces of Golden Berry, or Physalis, are covered in Pacari’s signature raw dark chocolate. The result? A perfect mix of the tart citrus flavour of the berry and the sweetness of the chocolate in bite-sized chocolate drops you can enjoy throughout your day, you could even treat yourself and sprinkle them onto your breakfast cereal or smoothie bowl!


Endurance x Nature – Coffee and date bars £3.99

Supplier: Endurance x Nature has been created by Vinnie a chef & Triathlete who is serious about health, sport and great taste! He wanted to create snacks that were perfect for between meals, but also optimally balanced for sports performance. Made with high quality ingredients, these products are great tasting and also provide a superior training fuel for your body. Vinnie aims for his products to be part of a healthy lifestyle that will improve performance, sleeping patterns and provide consumers with a constant energy.

Product: This bar is the ideal choice for someone who loves coffee, the  subtle taste of toasted Columbian coffee makes them delicious and perfect for snacking and keeping you fueled.

These bars have a firm texture, designed to not melt or disintegrate in hot weather- perfect for summer sports!

Nomad Pasta

Nomad Health – Supergrain Quinoa Penne pasta £4.50

Supplier: The vision of making Artisan and gluten free pasta was brought to life by gardeners, and soulmates, Marianna and Keith. Both are passionate about food and healthy living, so they started to make pasta out of ancient grains and seeds. They are full of nutrition, have low sugar levels (great for diabetics) and are bursting with protein and fibre!

Product: This Artisan pasta is made from a naturally gluten free ancient grain with a great pasta taste. We tried it alongside some ordinary wheat pasta & the texture and flavour were great! This makes it perfect for any traditional (or modern!) pasta dish, as unlike some other gluten free pasta it keeps its texture perfectly even after cooking. It does however,  only need a quick 3-4 minutes to cook! It is easily digestible and rich in magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and B vitamins. Don’t forget to try the Summery Green Pasta we made with this pasta ! Recipe is here… 


Good Carma – Garlic Flavour Fusion Cheesy Sprinkles £4.95

Supplier: This small innovative company is run by Charlotte Bates in the heart of Carmarthenshire. Her cheese-style products are enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike. Her aim is to bring healthy products (hence the name ‘Good Carma’) to the market, without sacrificing flavour.

Product: This Flavour Fusion has all the taste and richness of grated parmesan. The garlic in particular is delicious on pasta, but can be used on salads or the top of stews. It has added B12 and is made from wholefoods. We added this to the Summery Green Pasta Recipe on The Vegan Larder & it was DELICIOUS!

Good Carma Cheesy Sprinkles


Brave Food – Sea Salt Roasted Peas £1.19

Supplier: Seb and Amber wanted to make a change – which they’ve achieved by making nutritious food out of real ingredients, grown locally and sustainably. They have developed flavours of roasted split peas which are nutrient dense, contain B-vitamins and are low calorie. The best bit – they taste amazing and have 3 incredible flavours to choose from.

Product: This classic, clean, simple and delicious flavour will probably be eaten in minutes. But it will keep you going for much much longer! These British-grown peas are roasted and tossed with a bit of sea-salt. Perfect for when a snack attack strikes.

NIx & Kix Peach and Vanilla

Nix and Kix – Peach and Vanilla  £1.20

Supplier: Nix and Kix have created awesome soft drinks with no added sugar or chemicals, but still deliver the kick that inspires that ‘wow’ moment. And how do they it? Well, they add chili, which has metabolism boosting and energy releasing properties. Even better though: it also increases endorphin levels and provides a natural, happy feeling. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Product: All their flavours are divine, and perfect for cocktails, mocktails, on ice, or just straight out the can. As it’s summer, we’ve chosen peach and vanilla. Light and refreshing, it’s perfectly paired with your summer barbecue or terrace drinks. We loved this with crushed raspberries and a splash of vodka for an easy summer cocktail! 

Edible Ornamentals – Sweet Chilli Sauce £4.00

Supplier: A chilli farm in Bedford, this is best place to get your chilli products that are UK grown, Edible Ornamentals love all things chilli and are passionate about using interesting and unusual varieties.. You can even visit their nursery in Bedfordshire and get a tour with a chilli growing tutorial! We love their range of spicy and delicious sauces and salsas!

Product: Sweet chilli sauce is super versatile, and has a brilliant balance of sweetness and heat. This product can be used as a dip, on salad, in stir fry, or as a dip for summer rolls. We’ll be using it all summer long!  Don’t forget to check out our Vietnamese Roll Recipe out where we used this delicious dip!

Total Value of The Vegan Larder June Box?!  £28.82 

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