August box

What’s in the August Box?!

Our August Vegan Larder box has been created to help you soak up the last days of summer. Use the Honestly Biryani Curry with lots of fresh produce for a delicious and quick meal, take the Patifu pates or the Leafy Kale Crisps on a hike or adventure or make a tall refreshing iced tea with Chai Wallah Margate’s Pink Grapefruit tea.  We hope you love what’s in the box as much as we have taste testing and putting it together!

Zaytoun Za’atar Herb Mix £3.90
Za’atar is a glorious thyme based herb mix that’s popular throughout the Middle East. The Za’atar mix we have here is created and sold by an inspiring social enterprise and community interest company who help small Palestinian farmers create a sustainable income.

Sprinkled on flatbreads, or over a lush salad such as the Smoky Aubergine & Tabbouleh Salad we made a few days ago, Za’atar is a wonderful addition to all kinds of dishes.

Patifu Tofu Paté (2 flavours) £2.00 x 2
Yummy tofu based pate created by a lovely Czech company. All natural and made exclusively from vegetable raw materials, with no preservatives or nasties. Added bonus: they don’t need to be refrigerated until they are opened, making them perfect for a snack to take on picnics or days out!

We LOVE spreading the Patifu Tofu Paté onto crackers, the topping with a sprinkle of the Zaytoun Za’atar mix, or a few cherry tomatoes. It makes a perfect quick and delicious snack.

Patifu and Zayton Za'atar on crackers

Honestly Biryani Masala Blend £4
Delicious curry mixes made by two sisters of Pakistani origin, who wanted to make traditional age old recipes and authentic food quick and easy to make for modern living. They have less calories than conventional curry sauce, and are sourced from the highest quality ingredients.

We have a recipe for you to make with this coming soon…

Choconette, Caramel Chocolate Spread £4.99
The first organic, oil-free vegan chocolate spread that you mix yourself. Created in France, you can mix just as much as you need & spread it on all kinds of breads or use it as an ingredient!


Creative Nature Superfood’s Banana Bread Mix £3.99
This small company embodies their belief that healthy products should also be tasty. So we love this super easy to make, and very yummy to eat, Banana Bread mix. 100% gluten free and with no common allergens.

We swirled some of the Choconette spread through the Banana Bread before baking. And then spread some on a slice, because..well, we roll like that. Crazy Delicious!

Chocolate Swirled Banana Bread
Chai Wallah Margate: Pink Grapefruit Tea £6
Using Innovative and exquisite ingredients, this tea is created in Margate. Providing a mix of pure teas and creative blends, perfect for any occasion. This one is perfect for an Ice Tea during summer, but also delicious hot. (Try drinking it with a slice of the Banana bread. So yummy!!)

Superfoodio Snacks, Black Pepper and Cardamom £3.45
Yummy nut snacks with lots of creative flavours made by a husband & wife team, inspired by their travels. Perfect for on the go snacking & designed to keep you going on all your adventures.

Leafy Kale Crisps £1.75
Air dried kale crisps that taste delicious and are good for you. Created by a couple who live in the Cotswolds who wanted to create snacks that were full of goodness.

And what’s the Total Value of the Box?! £32.08

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