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What’s in the September box?

Read on to discover everything in our September box!  Make sure to click through where indicated to discover the easy recipes that will help you love all the ingredients in the box as much as we do!

Sauce Shop’s Lime and Coriander Sauce £3.50

These guys won’t compromise on great unique flavour and quality ingredients. What started as a hobby has become a full time mission, and their batches are still made by hand. This sauce is based on a family recipe for chutney and is perfect as a marinade or dip.  We love using this alongside a delicious Chargrilled corn  & tomato salad that’s been smooshed into a yummy soft taco. Find the recipe here.

King Soba’s Organic Buckwheat and Sweet Potato Noodles £2.15

These wholesome gluten free noodles are a delicious blend of two healthy foods. Buckwheat is rich in magnesium and sweet potato is high in potassium, and rich in vitamins A, E, and C. They are a family business, rooted in healthy eating, sustainable agriculture and organic food.

Recipe  for a super yummy recipe that combines the Soba Noodles & The Clear Spring Umami Paste coming very shortly!

Crunchy Tofu Stirfry with Soba Noodles on a plate with chopsticks

Clearspring’s Organic Umami paste £4.49

A family business who recently celebrated 25 years of pioneering authentic Japanese specialties. They believe in supporting organic farmers and caring for the ecosystem. Umami enhances the flavour of any dish – a savoury flavour, one of the five basic tastes.

N.B. The Gluten Free Box has  Miso from Miso Tasty  ….. We’re obsessed with Miso at The Vegan Larder, and this is our favourite brand! We use it in everything, from risottos where it adds a yummy umami depth that is usually achieved with parmesan cheese, to dips and stir fries! We consider Miso to be one of our staple storecupboard ingredients and hope you love cooking with it as much as we do!

Macacha’s Superfood Protein Blends (2 flavours) £5.80

Between their Founder and Technical Director, they have over 30 years experience in natural health and nutrition. Each blend has 6 superfoods, and are about caring for the body. Just add to your smoothie – we chose their Peace and Beauty flavours!

Nourish’s Organic Red Velvet Macaroons £4.99

Started by Ineke on a quest for a healthier and nourishing lifestyle. These organic indulgent but pure macaroons are high in antioxidants from superfoods, and beetroot is renowned for high levels of vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients.

Pollen and Grace’s Hazelnut Praline and Reishi Super Square £1.95

This dessert bar is fudgy and indulgent with a dose of superfoods. Reishi is a mushroom used to boost the immune system, and praline is just delicious! These guys started off cooking from home, and have developed a range of meals to buy, as well as bars.

Nifty Nut Butters’ Smoked Almond Nut Butter £3.80

Handmade in the Cotswolds, these nut butters have innovative flavours you won’t find in the shops. Use them in sauces, baking, marinades, porridge…They are stone ground for a silky finish. Started by Alex as a hobby, these inventive nut butters have been put on the map.

Use in a stir fry or eat with some crackers. We love it on the Super Crackies for a nutritious and filling snack (flowers optional!)

Lifewell UK’s Pumpkin and Flax Activated Crackers £3.95

These incredible raw crackers are made by Donna, who also runs health and wellbeing retreats. The pumpkin and flax are activated, which is an ancient tradition, making them easier to digest. Perfect with any spread, or just on their own!

And what’s the Total Value of the Box?! £30.63


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