Yummy German Style Gingerbread Cookies

brown sugar agave syrup plain flour vegan butter ground almonds baking powder ground cinnamon ground ginger mixed spice ground nutmeg  lemon, juice and zest


Melt Vegan Butter

Step 1

Add Agave Syrup

Step 2

Mix in Brown Sugar Stir well to dissolve

Step 3

Add spices: Cinnamon Mixed Spice Ground Ginger Nutmeg

Step 4

Add spices: Plain Flour and Baking Powder

Step 5

Add the  ground almonds

Step 6

And the zest  of a lemon

Step 7

Mix everything well, it should be  pretty sticky  but a little dry

Step 8

Add in the juice of a lemon bit by bit until the mix is sticky

Step 9

Smooth the mix then chill for half hour. This will help when rolling out. 

Step 10

Rol out the dough on a non-stick surface

Step 11

Stamp out shapes- keep them simple because the dough is quite fragile

Step 12

Bake for 15 minutes until gently golden

Step 13

Glaze the lebkuchen

Step 14

Add stars if you like

Step 15

Or dip in chocolate

Step 15

Ready to eat!  Share with all your friends and family!