Vegan Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Vegan Vietnamese Summer Rolls

I absolutely adore making Vietnamese Summer Rolls, but until recently the ones I made were never particularly pretty. Which didn’t matter, because they were delicious!

In fact, the ones I made to photograph for this post had quite a few ‘not so pretty’ mess ups, but that was fine with me, it just meant I had my work lunches sorted for the next few days.

Summer Rolls, Vegan with sauce

The moral of this ramble?

Don’t worry about being insta-perfect when making these rolls (although if anyone knows how those insta people make theirs look so amazing, please let me know!!)

I love that these rolls are so versatile, you can fill them with whatever you like! – and unless you have an obsession with a picture perfect roll, they are dead easy. They’re so easy, that I sometimes when I’m entertaining & have run out of time (ahem) I just lay out a load of ingredients & get my guests to roll their own summer rolls.

I do think the key is to have some yummy dips. I like to use a mix of black rice vinegar & soy sauce as well as some sweet chilli sauce. My newest fave sweet chilli is perfect for these rolls. Made by ‘Edible Ornamentals’ – who are a UK based chilli farm who make their own sauces & salsas, it has a great chilli hit that has layers of flavour and tang, unlike more commercial brands who can be a bit bland and samey.

Sweet Chilli Sauce - Edible Ornamentals

(Hint: This amazing sauce will be in this month’s box! (June 2018) Just in case you feel like you might want to try some yourself!! We’re really excited about month’s box because it is just PACKED with delicious things..!)

The OTHER thing I love about making these is that the fillings for the roll are easily changed up. Don’t like coriander? Leave it out.. Want to try a tofu in a fancy marinade? Do it!.. Feel like an even lighter roll? Use bean sprouts or more lettuce in place of the rice vermicelli.

You do you.

Which means you’ll love you for making them! Yum!

Edible Ornamentals Sweet Chilli Sauce and Summer Rolls

(PS.. if you make some- make sure to leave a comment or tag us on social media. We LOVE finding out what you make & it inspires more people to try too! )

Vegan Vietnamese Summer Rolls
Prep Time
20 mins

Easy to make and full of fresh flavours! Vegan Summer rolls are easy to make and are a wonderful lunch or are a great idea to make for a party. 

Course: lunch
Cuisine: Vegan, Vietnamese
Servings: 8 rolls
Author: Louise-Claire Cayzer
  • 1 pack rice paper spring roll wrappers Usually there are somewhere between 10-15 in a pack, depending on where you get them from.
  • 1 pack rice vermicelli noodles you want the extra fine ones that can just have boiling water over them.
  • 2 carrots grated
  • 1 pack smoked tofu or use a marinated tofu of your choice!
  • 8 lettuce leaves chopped finely
  • 8 radishes finely sliced
  • 1 handful each of mint & coriander you want 5 or 6 leaves per roll
Optional extras
  • Long slices of cucumber
  • Marinated mushrooms Marinate sliced mushrooms in rice wine vinegar & soy sauce overnight
  • Chives or spring onions
  1. Gather all your ingredients & make sure the vegetables, tofu & herbs are all chopped or grated as needed. 

  2. Cover the rice vermicelli noodles with boiling water and leave for a few minutes until soft.

  3. Refresh the noodles in cold water and set aside with all the veggies and tofu. 

  4. Set all your ingredients out on a table so you can easily reach them. 

  5. Pour some hot water onto a plate, (this is to dip the rice paper spring roll wrappers in) . Also have ready a plate to 'roll on' and a plate to receive the rolls. 

  6. Dip the rice paper wrapper in the water until soft, then put it flat on your plate

  7. In the middle of the wrapper add some of each ingredient in a long line horizontally ' burrito' style 

  8. To wrap, first fold the outer long edge over that is closest to you.

  9. Fold each side in.

  10. Gently roll over & seal the far end. 

To eat:
  1. Cut in half & dip in alllll the sauces. 

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