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  • Wild Garlic is used to make this delicious vegan pesto. Use this vegan pesto in pasta, as a dip, or even on a burger. It's a speedy and recipe and can even be made without nuts! Pinned: 4 Jul 2020
  • Vegan Asparagus and Pesto Quiche: The perfect vegan recipe for a delicious quiche- I love to take these easy quiches to picnics or pot luck lunches. So easy and so tasty! No one will believe it's vegan! Pinned: 4 Jul 2020
  • Vegan Caesar Salad : Tangy vegan caesar dressing, smoky tofu, crispy lettuce and crunchy chickpeas. This delicious vegan recipe is oil and gluten free, full of protein and best of all? It's DELICIOUS! Pinned: 4 Jul 2020
  • Prawn Toast was one of the few things I really missed since going vegan, but then I made these! Super easy and so delicious, filled with tofu Pinned: 4 Jul 2020
  • These scrummy little crab cakes are 100% crab free! They're made with cannellini beans Pinned: 4 Jul 2020
  • CREAMY OLIVE & ARUGULA PESTO PASTA (vegan) - The First Mess Pinned: 4 Jul 2020
  • The easiest way to enjoy a sweet treat! This simple and delicious vegan icecream recipe is perfect for sunny days or when you want a sweet treat that is also good for you! #vegan #icecream #nicecream Pinned: 4 Jul 2020
  • Everyone's favourite corn fritters are veganised in this easy vegan recipe. These yummy little morsels are easy to make and even easier to eat! Make this yummy vegan recipe for breakfast, a light lunch or dinner, or even make a huge batch as appetisers! Pinned: 4 Jul 2020
  • These delicious brownies are not just for Valentines Day! This super easy vegan recipe is always gooey and the perfect chocolate treat for any time! Pinned: 4 Jul 2020
  • Delicious 'meaty' balls made with tofu Pinned: 4 Jul 2020