Grilled Asparagus with New Potatoes & Wild Garlic Pesto

This dish is barely a recipe, in fact, it’s more of a suggestion really, for a super simple side dish, made with 3 of my favourite spring ingredients.

I adore asaparagus. I mean, I really, REALLY love it. I eagerly wait for the first bunches to appear at the markets every year, and scoff it down in all manner of recipes. 

Asparagus  has an affinity with other delicate spring vegetables- peas, broadbeans and new potatoes, and light new spring herbs- such as chives, tarragon- and my absolute favourite- Wild Garlic.

I made this pesto from a patch of wild garlic that I found down the road- you can find the recipe on this link….Wild Garlic Pesto. I’m quite obsessed with this pesto, and have made jars of it to last throughout early summer, hoping that I’ll have lots of basil growing to pick up where the wild garlic leaves off for late summer. 

 I do realise that not everyone has access to this yummy spring delicacy, and this dish will work equally well with any other pesto, homemade or bought,  making this probably one of the easiest dishes to fling together for a spring side dish. 

To make this, boil some new potatoes, grill some Asparagus & toss with pesto. That’s it. No recipe really- I’m actually going to not post a recipe for this. It’s too easy. It’s  just yummy fresh ingredients at their best.

Can I suggest as an alternative?  Sub the potatos for pasta and you have  a deliciously light and quick weekday dinner- top with some herby breadcrumbs for extra pizzaz (see this recipe for the breadcrumbs) .

What’s your favourite Spring Vegetable?? 


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    Emma Sarah Tennant
    May 31, 2015 at 9:24 am

    I love asparagus to the side of new potatoes (and with french beans) in garlic butter sauce or pesto. I’ll try it with pasta, it sounds delicious! Beautiful recipe ideas and photography, wonderful post!

    • Reply
      June 3, 2015 at 9:20 pm

      Thanks Emma! I can’t get enough asparagus. It’s in everything!

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