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  • These scrummy vegan crab cakes are 100% crab free! They're made with cannellini beans Pinned: 4 Aug 2020
  • This is our favourite summer pasta! Easy to make vegan recipe that is full of courgette (zucchini) and tomatoes. It comes together in less than half an hour and is made with simple ingredients. #vegan #zucchini #courgette #pasta #tomatoes Pinned: 4 Aug 2020
  • A super easy and summery vegan salad inspired by the classic Salade Nicoise. Perfect to take on picnics and to BBQ's. This delicious vegan salad is easy to make and full of tangy yummy flavours. #vegan #vegansalad #vegansaladnicoise #nicoisesalad . Pinned: 4 Aug 2020
  • A Vegan version of a BLT is possible and totally delicious. This easy recipe uses smoked tofu to make 'bacon' and has all the classic yummy lettuce, tomato and condiments. #vegan #vegan breakfast #breakfast #BLT #vegan bacon #vegan recipe Pinned: 4 Aug 2020
  • Vegan, Buddha bowl Pinned: 4 Aug 2020
  • Vegan Tempeh Buddha Bowls Pinned: 4 Aug 2020
  • Vegan Seitan Tenders! This homemade vegan seitan chicken recipe is easy to make, just 8 ingredients, can be made ahead of time, and once prepared can be used any way that you might have cooked chicken- marinate, bread, fry, crust, bake, grill, BBQ, the options are endless!!! #itdoesnttastelikechicken #veganrecipes #seitan Pinned: 4 Aug 2020
  • This is the BEST red lentil curry you will ever try! It’s easy and quick, making it a perfect weeknight dinner! Plus, it’s creamy and indulgent but made with wholesome vegan ingredients! #vegancurry #lentilcurry #lentils #vegandinner #easyvegan Pinned: 4 Aug 2020
  • Vegan Pizza Buns stuffed with caramelized onions, spinach, & tomato sauce. Mini Homemade vegetarian pizza buns are fun to make with Kids. Nutritional yeast & tomato sauce make this amazing vegan comfort food. A homemade vegan pizza dough recipe & steps to make veggies like spinach and onions delicious! Dairy-free and vegan pizza rolls make a great superbowl appetizer or dinner for a crowd. #vegan #pizzarolls #veganpizzarolls #veganpizza #sgtoeats Pinned: 4 Aug 2020
  • Looking for easy and delicious dinner recipes? This round-up of 30 One Pot Vegan Meals is a great place to start! There is something for everyone, from curry to chili to pasta. Pinned: 4 Aug 2020