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Top Tips for Easy Vegan Cooking and Eating

We’re both passionate about plant based cooking and eating, and adore cooking from scratch but we know sometimes we’re pushed for time and ideas in our busy lives, and just need some simple swaps and tips to make vegan eating and cooking easy. So here are our Top Tips for Easy Vegan Cooking and Eating! 

Luckily for all of us, there are some awesome plant based and vegan food on offer now. There has been an explosion in the last few years of incredible products that range from ready to eat on the go, through to easy plant based substitutes for meat or cheese. 

Whether you’re fully vegan, transitioning, or just want to eat more plants, these tips will be handy to have your back pocket. Our simple swaps and tricks include egg alternatives, baking, drinks, quick mid-week meals and eating out. Enjoy all the yumminess plant based has to offer!

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Vegan Tip 1 : Swap your scrambled eggs for scrambled tofu

If you’re into morning eggs, or eggs for weekend brunch, vegan food will not disappoint. Silken tofu (it’s the softer form of tofu) has the same texture as scrambled eggs, is packed full of protein and easy to cook. Try this simple and delicious scrambled tofu recipe.

Tofu Scramble with tomatoes


Vegan Tip 2 : Swap your mince meat for lentils or mock mince

Our mid-week go-to meal is spaghetti bolognese, and you don’t have to break the tradition! There are loads of brilliant vegan meat substitutes now (like Quorn mince or Linda McCartney). Or you can use lentils instead of mince. Lentils are packed full of protein and much healthier than meat. Our favourite is Louise’s Basic Bolognese. Always a winner!


And if you just can’t be bothered to cook we absolutely adore All Plants meals which take the stress out of cooking. They’ve got an incredible Rigatoni Bolognese made with mushrooms and lentils, and topped with an almond parmesan – the crunch from that gives it amazing texture.

All Plants deliver to you frozen, but they are not your usual ready meal company – they cook with real vegetables and lock the goodness in by freezing. Their products taste like indulgent home cooked meals, and each box is enough for two (or for your lunch the next day!). We’ve been tucking into these ourselves and have been really impressed.



Vegan Tip 3: Choose non-dairy milk in your tea, coffee or turmeric / beetroot / matcha latte (whatever floats your boat!)

The non-dairy milk industry (or plant mylk as it’s often now called) has exploded! It’s in pretty much every cafe and in all shops and supermarkets. And there are loads to choose from; almond, coconut, oat, hemp, rice…. So experiment and find the one you like best. Oat milk can be nice and creamy for coffee, and coconut milk tastes delicious for hot chocolate.


Vegan Tip 4: Swap your milk chocolate for vegan chocolate.

There’s vegan chocolate everywhere, whether it’s for a snack, dessert or cake. Chocolate originally comes from a plant (the cacao plant), so that’s where the yummy chocolate taste comes from. If you’re using chocolate in cake, buy dark chocolate (and check it is vegan). If you’re looking for an indulgent snack, health food shops (and major supermarkets) have all sorts of delicious vegan chocolate bars.

We’re getting our chocolatey fix from our new Gourmet Chocolate Box which has everything from Vanilla Fudge, Chocolate Spread, Strawberry White Chocolate and Vegan Wagon Wheels!


Vegan Tip 5: Make cakes vegan by swapping eggs for banana or flax seeds, and butter for oil

We all love cake, and luckily, eating vegan doesn’t mean you have to go without. Eggs actually just bind ingredients together (they are not there for taste), so instead you can use mashed banana, or something called Flaxseed Egg. Flaxseed Egg is made by milling flaxseed (you can buy it already milled or do it in your blender) and mixing 1 tbsp of the flaxseed with 2 tbsp water. It becomes a gel like substance which binds your cake. And butter in cakes can be replaced with any oil – sunflower oil works very well. Try our Vegan Larder gooey brownies.



Vegan Tip 6: Make sure your cupboard is stocked with great flavours, spices and Vegan Essentials.

Stocking up on just a few of the best herbs, spices and condiments will make vegan cooking a flavourful breeze. Many vegan recipes will have herbs and spices for the best flavours. Smoked paprika gives a delicious oaky, smoked taste, and Nutritional Yeast (otherwise known as Nooch!) gives a nutty cheese taste. We now have a Vegan Starter Cooking Kit including these essentials, plus other cupboard and treat goodies that will help kick start your cooking!

vegan beginner cooking kit

Vegan Tip 7: Swap your Meat burger for a Veggie burger.

With all the vegan options in mainstream and independent restaurants, there are vegan burgers everywhere. And there are tonnes of recipes online. Burgers made with beans and vegetables are packed full of protein and fibre. We do this healthy, flavourful burger recipewhich is easy to make and perfect for winter and BBQ season alike.



Vegan Tip 8: Snack on nuts, nut butter, energy bars and fruit.

If you’re a snacker, you’re in luck. The vegan snack industry is booming! Head in to any supermarket or health food shop and you’ll find them on the snack aisles or by the tills. Bags of nuts are great, as is nut butter on rice cakes. And nuts are full of protein and good fats.

Fruit like bananas and apples are easy to put in your bag. It’s much healthier than diving into the biscuit tin at work!


Vegan Tip 9: Check the vegan options before you go out to eat.

The world is changing, and most places are offering vegan options, or in some cases, whole vegan menus! Before you go out, check the menu and make sure there’s good options. Or you can use apps or websites like Happy Cow which show you all the vegan restaurants or places with vegan options around you (wherever you are in the world!).

Vegan Tip 10 Make friends with your greengrocer, your local farmers market or sign up to a veggie box scheme!

Start getting excited about all the different types of veggies there are seasonal and delicious!  Veggies that are in season and grown locally always taste SO much better than ones that are imported or from far flung places. The veggies that really taste of themselves almost cook themselves! Think easy pasta with a fresh tomato sauce in summer- all you need is tomatoes & pasta if the tomatoes are great! We love schemes like Abel & Cole or Riverford for to-your-door delivery of the best veggies around!

We hope you find these tips super helpful: let us know in the comments if you have any questions or some great tips of your own!

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