Crispy Salt & Vinegar Chickpea Snacks

These crunchy, savoury chickpea snacks are barely a recipe and in fact are not particularly original. I first came across them on Pinterest a couple of years ago and variations on the recipe are posted & reposted all the time over there.  

I hadn’t even thought to write a post about them, but, after taking a photo & sharing it on Instagram & Facebook, there was a little  cry of ‘ how do you make that’ from various friends & social buddies, so I thought I’d better oblige :)… the powers of social media!!

I have to confess, not all of these were ‘crispy’ just some of them, but I like the slight chewiness contrasting with the occassional crunch.  If you want these properly crispy leave them in the oven for longer, watching that they don’t burn.

The basic recipe is REALLY simple.  It’s SO simple I’m not even going to put it on a recipe card. 

All you need is: 

1 tin chickpeas drained.

2 tspns oil

salt to taste.

Pop them on a sheet tray, roll the oil & salt around to coat them all then put into the oven (oven on 200C/Gas mark 6 or 7/ 400 Farenheit) for 20 mins, turning after 10 mins.  Leave in longer if you want them crispier.

There are LOADS of ways you could spice these up. See below for my fave ways to do this: 

When adding the spices make sure you roll all of the chickpeas around in the spice to coat before putting them in the oven. If you have a liquid that you want to use to flavour them with, then soak the chickpeas for 10-15 mins in the liquid so they absorb some of the flavour, then drain, coat with oil & any other flavourings & bake. 


My top suggestions are: 

Salt & Vinegar  – the vinegar soaks into the chickpeas and is SO addictive.Use around 2 Tbs white wine or other vinegar.

Smoked Paprika – the smoky hit is lush and works so well with the slight nuttiness of the chickpeas

Indian Spices- add a little Garam Masala & mild chilli powder. 

Soy Sauce & Sesame- use sesame oil instead of the other oil & soy sauce instead of salt. 

 Or experiment with other spice blends.. And let me know how they taste either in the comments below or on one of my social networks! 

Salt n Vinegar Chickpeas



  • caroline
    Posted at 15:01h, 19 January Reply

    They look delicious! I just love simple recipes like this.

    • louise
      Posted at 22:34h, 20 January Reply

      Simple is often the tastiest!

  • Mindy Russitano
    Posted at 16:47h, 21 August Reply

    Poppy and the Bees, thank you so much for this chickpea recipe! Simple food rocks!

    • louise
      Posted at 19:31h, 21 August Reply

      Thank you Mindy! They’re a bit of a fave in our house! x

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  • Kelly
    Posted at 16:25h, 22 February Reply

    Why are they called salt & vinegar? There is no vinegar in the recipe.

    • louise
      Posted at 15:38h, 23 February Reply

      Hi Kelly,

      It’s the top suggestion rather than in the main recipe as vinegar won’t go with all the other suggestions: – Hope that make sense for you now!

      My top suggestions are:

      Salt & Vinegar – the vinegar soaks into the chickpeas and is SO addictive.Use around 2 Tbs white wine or other vinegar.

      • Twincats
        Posted at 22:57h, 24 February Reply

        When do you add the vinegar? This sounds really good.

        • louise
          Posted at 17:02h, 25 February Reply

          Add it to the chickpeas just before you coat them with oil & bake. You can sprinkle a little extra when you’re finished baking too if you like.

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